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FT7 - Male Black/Red
FT7 - Male Black/Red
FT7 - Male Black/Red
FT7 - Male Black/Red

FT7 - Male Black/Red

FT7 - Male Black/Red

The Polar FT7 is another excellent entry level heart rate monitor, and the next step up from the Polar FT4. Like the FT4 the Polar FT7 uses a friendly 5 button navigation system to scroll through menus during your sessions, and to make changes to your settings.


The FT7 comes with the H1 Heart Rate sensor to provide heart rate data to the watch which has user replaceable batteries, as does the FT7 watch (we recommend changing these every 12 months). The FT7 will also provide the user with accurate calorie expenditure during your workout sessions.


The FT7 has an increase in memory capacity than the FT4, and allows you to store up to 99 exercise files on the watch. These files can also be uploaded to Polar’s FREE online software if you use the Flowlink device. The Flowlink is not included with the FT7 but is available under our accessory section.


Another feature that is exclusive to the Polar FT7 is the Energy Pointer. This feature will tell the user in words that appear on the watch if they are in a ‘fitness’ or ‘fat burning’ heart rate zone. This simplifies heart rate training for the user, and allows them to work at a heart rate zone to help them achieve their goals.


Like the FT4, we strongly recommend that you consider the Polar FT7 as your first heart rate monitor, particularly if you are after one that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and provides heart rate data and calorie expenditure.


Some other key features of the Polar FT7 are:

  • Exercise summary showing duration of workout, maximum and average heart rate for the session, time spent in heart rate zone and calories burned.
  • Basic watch functions which includes time of day and date, alarm, lockable buttons and ability to set a second time zone.
  • Water resistant – 30m (please see our FAQ page regarding use in water environments)
  • Male version watch has a wider and longer wrist band than the Female version.


What’s in the box:

  • Polar FT7 Male Black/Red Watch
  • Polar H1 Transmitter
  • Polar Soft Strap (M-XXL)
  • Getting Started Guide


Also available in:

  • Polar FT7 Female Red
  • Polar FT7 Female Black
  • Polar FT7 Male Black/Silver

Starting at: $AUD 140.00

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