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Polar A360 - Black (L)

$299.00 Ex Tax: $271.82
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Brand: Polar
Product Code: 90057535

Polar A360 Fitness and Activty Monitor Tracks your daily activity 24/7 at different intensity levels, and shows steps, distance and burned calories.

Every walk and run counts. The A360 shows your steps, distance, and burned calories, and motivates to reach your activity goal. If you stay still for too long, the A360 will vibrate telling you it's time to move again.

​Polar A360 is the activity tracker that makes you move.

  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate Training
  • Vibrating Smart Notification
  • Steps and Distance
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking
  • Sleep
  • Displays daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day feature
  • Free guidance with the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web site
  • Compatible with My Fitness Pal
  • Waterproof

Polar A360 Activity Tracker

USB Cable

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